Best Communication of Sustainability

For this award we are looking for evidence of year-round continued communications with investors and stakeholders that set out the way the company approaches the identification, assessment and management of sustainability-related opportunities, risks and performance, and ultimately – effective communication to stakeholders around how this underpins the company’s long-term resilience and sustainable growth.

We recognise that this is a rapidly evolving area for many companies and each will be at different stages of their journey. We would like to see businesses communicate how internal approaches are being adapted to meet evolving needs of their stakeholders in relation to the company’s externalities. We are not necessarily looking for best practice across all areas of sustainability, we are looking for clear improvements in the year.

Provide any links to relevant material to support your submission and evidence success.

Please note Small-cap, Mid-cap and Large-cap criteria will be comparable to FTSE 100, 250 and Small-cap/AIM market cap sizes as at March 31, 2024.